Our Future, Today!


I’m running because a strong and vibrant District B requires energetic, engaged servant leadership and a clear vision for the future of Shreveport.

I believe that our future as citizens of North Louisiana is linked directly to how quickly we can recognize and leverage our resources and capacity. We must embrace and celebrate the cultural and economic diversity of this region and focus our energy toward protecting that gift at every level. For Shreveport to flourish, the central neighborhoods and business districts in our city’s core must thrive. As the city introduces Historic Districts to preserve the charm, heritage, and identity that most agree make us unique, let’s also seize opportunities to be inclusive and innovative.


Transparency, Access, and Data-Driven Decision Making

For a government to be “of the people,” citizens need information that is easily accessible and understandable, and they must be empowered to communicate directly with their elected officials and civil servants. Other cities are using exciting new technology and creative problem solving to accomplish these goals, and I want Shreveport to explore options that can lead to improved data analysis and improved services for residents and businesses in our community. For example:

  • Creating apps that help citizens report problems and track solutions, from City maintenance requests to public safety concerns
  • Providing improved access to readable versions of policies and standards (ex. property standards or zoning regulations) on the City’s website


Sustainability is a much larger concept than green energy and recycling – it’s about stabilizing our economy and infrastructure as well as our environment to create strong citizens and strong communities. A vibrant, sustainable community is one that devotes sufficient financial resources to maintaining its residential, commercial, and recreational infrastructure as well as the health and safety of its citizens. Shreveport must focus on improving the foundational health and sustainability of our city’s core rather than continuing to sprawl and over extend our resources. We can explore:

  • Adopting common sense planning policies that encourage population growth in the city center
  • Creating a composting program to address litter and produce a cost effective resource for maintaining public green spaces and community gardens
  • Improving walkability and bikeability in core neighborhoods by creating streets and sidewalks that work for everyone: pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and public transit riders

Community Rights and Responsibilities

My professional and personal experience has taught me that all of our citizens share a common desire for a safe and prosperous community, but we need to work together to achieve these goals. With accessible data and transparent leadership, citizens will know their rights and be empowered to advocate for their own needs and the needs of their neighbors. This shared sense of both individual and community responsibility will help us address issues that impact all residents of District B, including:

  • Ensuring safety and security with experienced law enforcement leadership that is willing to build positive relationships in neighborhoods and communities
  • Providing increased opportunities for citizens of all ages to access education, employment, and recreation
  • Consistently enforcing property standards and zoning regulations